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About us

Why do we work this way?
Because it works better.

Open source is Red Hat’s origin story. It’s how we came to be. We’re an enterprise company with an open source development model, and we believe working in the open is the best way to work for the larger open source community and for technological innovation as a whole.

Open source principles guide how we create software and how we work across the company. Red Hatters are encouraged to contribute to problem solving, no matter their role or experience level. This ensures that the best ideas—the ones that creatively address our customers’ challenges—are heard and implemented, leading to better decisions for our business and customers.

What does “open” mean?

In the context of our work, “open” means creating technological solutions in ways that are supported by open source principles. For example, the Red Hat IT team knew that our path to a hybrid cloud infrastructure would require cultural as well as organizational and technological changes to achieve this transformation. The team shifted to follow these principles and adopt a DevOps culture.

Following standards of meritocracy, transparency, community, collaboration, and inclusivity helps us foster an organization that meets market demands and brings value to our customers.


Our culture is built on openness and transparency. Our employees are encouraged to act, debate, and share. This lets us bring the best ideas to our technologies and customers.


Part of working in the open is an ongoing review of processes to ensure that they’re meeting the needs of the business. Over time, these iterative improvements bring about faster innovation at scale.

Platforms and tools

With an eye on the future, our flexible, stable, open source infrastructure and tools allow for the optimization of existing IT environments to ready them for modern business needs.

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